A heraldic artist

Ever since I was a little kid I had two passions, drawing and comic books as the walls and any other surface at my parents’ place back then could attest.

Some time around my twelfth birthday I discovered the art of Heraldry. I can’t remember if my fascination with those shiny coats of arms was born out of my increasing fascination with History or if History is what lead me to Heraldry. In any case, I spent a good chunk of my teen years learning about and practicing my three passions: illustrating, drawing comic books and heraldry.

After a brief stint at Law School, I enrolled in Art College and I never looked back.

I have been reading, studying and drawing heraldry for almost 30 years now, doing commissions for patrons and clients from all over the world. In the meantime I’ve done illustrations for many publishing houses in books, games and comic books that had nothing to do with heraldry.

However, the same way the basic laws of Heraldry have influenced my day job, so my illustrating and comic book styles have made their way into my heraldic art.

In that sense, when you commission an achievement from me you get the best of both worlds: a professional that has undergone traditional and digital art training and a scholar of the art and science of Heraldry with a unique eye for striking and powerful heraldic devices.

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